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I don't want to sound too alarmist but...

What would/should you do should you suddenly got kicked out of your house and had no money or friends to stay with?

Two hours of sleep...


Maybe having those two cups of coffee wasn't the best idea I ever had. But it was 5a.m. and I was tired. D:


After you've potty trained a toddler...

They apparently regress. >__<

Since last weekend, Grant (who is amost four and a half), has been having a lot of accidents. He either goes in his pants or tries to get to the bathroom too late. Yesterday, he wet himself twice. Today, the total so far is three and this is with me making him try to go every hour. It is a fight to make him try to go. It is an even bigger fight when he has an accident.

Unlike some others, however, I refuse to spank him for it.


Why is that at 4p.m. most days, if I wanted to, I could fall right to sleep to take a nap but when I want to go to bed early, like at midnight, I can't fall asleep? No, I'm left lying there tossing and turning. Worse yet, I itch.

What the heck is up with the itching? I bathe. I moisturize. My sheets are clean. It's really annoying. The places that I itch I'm either laying on or are hard to reach.

For several months I've been having problems going to sleep. If I want to sleep through the night or go to bed at a decent time and get a few hours of solid sleep in, I have to take something such as nyquil, benedryl, or a sleeping pill. And then those start not to work. And then I am left getting an hour or so before waking up because either my mind won't shut itself off, I have to have one of one to four bio breaks, or I'm itchy again.

Normally, I fall asleep between the hours of three to five in the morning and then I want to sleep until noon. It's a good thing that I have no gas money to go out and physically look for a job (I am still hitting the web pretty hard). Elsewise it looks kinda bad when you stroll in asking for an application at 2p.m. or so I'm told (usually by people who already have a job).

I wanted to go sleep last night. My sister worked the third-shift and with Grant going to bed at 6p.m. that meant my butt was going to get up with him at 5a.m. I wanted to go to bed early but I wasn't tired. Then when I tried to go to bed at close to 2a.m. I couldn't sleep. Then Grant cried out in the night twice. Then he was up for the day.

I think last night I may have gotten in an hours worth of sleep.

Right now, I feel tired. It's not too bad but I'm going to want a nap soon, I can feel it. I could avoid one so that I could sleep tonight but I don't think it would help anything.

I'm not on any medication even though I wish I was. I limit my caffeine intake (because LOL I don't want to be up at night).


Cupcakes on the brain!

I watch too much Cupcake Wars. As evident when I'm talking to Miche, grayarcadian , about an application I'm working on for a game in which my character owns a cupcake boutique called The CupKatery. It's a Marvel-based character and somehow I think "Oh, superhero cupcakes!"

The Captain America - A vanilla cupcake with a blueberry glaze, strawberry buttercream and a little fondant flag.

The Wasp - A banana yellow cupcake with crushed chocolate sprinkles on top that's topped with a cream cheese frosting and more chocolate sprinkles.

The Emma Frost - (grayarcadian's idea) - The Emma is a cool mint flavor with white icing and little clear sugar crystals, maybe with a little mint leaf.

The Scarlet Witch - A red velvet cupcake with a chocolate ganache glaze, cream cheese frosting, and red crystalized sprinkles.

Yeah. Now I really, really want some gourmet cupcakes.


When I am participating in a live post over at ontd_political is not the time to stop frakking working!
"I'm just not having fun in this game."

Have you tried PVP? Have you tried leveling a completely new class through the newly revamped zones? Have you tried this, that, and the other thing?

Yes, yes I have.

Why do so many people think that, when someone mentions that they aren't having much fun with an expansion, that the correct response to is to give them ideas so that they could be having fun?

For the record, I don't mean myself in this post. I'm having fun with certain aspects of the game, not all but a few. I am referring to the many posts in dear_gnome , wow_ladies , or even worldofwarcraft . Many people chime in with alternatives but I'm left wondering if that's what the OP wants, alternatives. I know that I don't. Misery loves company and a bit of commiseration.

Some people tend to imply that the original posters just aren't trying hard enough to have fun. I think they are trying. I wonder if these people pester others this much IRL if they don't have fun?

"Did you like the water park?"
"No, not really."
"Just okay? Did you try the wave pool? Did you try the new slide? Did you..."
"Did you try the lazy river? Did you try the play area?"
So, in conclusion, if you aren't going to ask the OP why they aren't having fun (because bemoaning their experience can be a bit cathartic), post a corn!kitty or another cute macro, spam a hug emote, or something similar then maybe you just shouldn't type anything.

Thoughts on WoW - Part 5 - Burn Baby Burn!

I can tell you the exact moment that I got burnt out on fucking raids.

Ashes to Ashes had just recruited two new players who happened to sign up for Tuesday’s Icecrown Citadel’s raid. I had signed up. I had signed up before the two newcomers. We were two people over the needed amount. I was logged on and ready thirty minutes to start time. I had my flasks and I had food to provide buffs.

I had a feeling that I was going to get sat. I kept waiting for someone to actually tell me this and was shocked and angry when no one said anything to me. I asked in guild chat if the invites had gone out. They had. I thought someone might say something to me, to tell me the plans but no ever did. And you know, that pissed me off more than anything else.

You couldn’t tell me, ahead of time, that you were going to try out these two new people? You wanted to see how they performed. I get that. Not only did you sit me, not talk to me, you took the guild’s fucking Ralph Wiggum equivalent, paste eating and all. Nobody liked Grayhayme but you took him over me. Our DPS numbers were the same. You could have come up with a compromise. We were only getting four bosses down so we could have swapped out people.

No, you guys went the shitty cowardly way and just didn’t say shit. It left a bad taste in my mouth and not a lot of exuberance left for the guild.

A future lesson, if you are going to have to sit a regular raider here’s some advice.
1. Tell them ahead of time.
2. Try to think of a compromise such as swapping out bosses or something.
3. Talk to them about it.


I realize after I have written this that I alternate being telling that guild off and an actual narrative. Oh bother. Oh well. I still don't feel like raiding.

Shit I Can't Control #112

I cannot control my mother's husband. Shit. I can't even say anything to him when he's being an unrelenting bully because I need a roof over my head.

A case in point:

Not ten minutes ago,I was in the loo. As soon as I got out of the loo I heard Grant, my nephew, holler out for his mother. I knew he would want a chocolate milk so I went into the kitchen to make him one just as I heard that asshole get up out of bed, huffing and gruffing all the way up the stairs. I made his cup and go wait for him to get done with Grant.

He asks me what I'm waiting for. I respond that I'm waiting for him to get done. He says that he's not so fat that we both can't walk up and down the steps. He makes me uncomfortable in ways that I don't like to talk about so no, I don't want to be on the same set of stairs at him.

But that's not enough for him. No, he has to tell me that Grant had been yelling out for a while now. Bitch, you know that's a goddamn lie.

I cannot control him. I deeply resent the implication that I can. He bullies me, he attacks me, and he belittles me. I put up with it, ranting on the internet instead, because I need a roof over my head and if I ever did say anything, I would explode. And then I would not have any place to live. It's the way of it.
Blizzard also introduced the LFG queue. This meant that you could queue for a Heroic, go about your business, and when enough players had been found from across the realms, you got popped into a Heroic. If you did this often, you got a pet. If you did it a lot you got a title. The longest time I ever spent waiting was about twenty minutes for DPS. I did my dailies while questing.

And speaking of daily quests… I missed Isle of Quel’Danas. There all of the dailies were in the same spot. With Wrath, they were all over the bloody place. I missed my pretty zone.
Heroics were relatively easy. There was no need to crowd-control. They were quick.
There were other changes but I can’t think of anything that stands out.

When Icecrown Citadel was released, I had a total of four level 80s. I had my shaman, mage, warlock, and hunter. I was also leveling a druid. I was raiding two nights a week with my mage’s guild, Ashes to Ashes. I was with them from the beginning. I wiped with them. I won with them. I was there spending three hours just to try to get Lady Deathwhisper down. I put in my dues.

Achievements were added into the game, Achievement Unlocked. If you did something
Titles were added. I have Crusader Deminara, Ambassador Melinara, Xinelle the Lovefool, Ianta the Patient and I think that’s it. I’d like to think that the titles on those characters reflect their personalities. Deminara, my shaman, respects the Argent Crusade because they’ve crossed faction lines. It totally has nothing to do with thinking that Tirion Fordring is a silver fox. Melinara, my mage, is the more scholarly and intellectual type. Okay, okay. Ambassador and Crusader, you pretty much get at the same time and I wanted them each to have something different. Ianta is an Affliction warlock. Curses are her thing so of course she’s patient. My druid, Nirmayi, also has the patient title. I think I’ll probably change it to Nirmayi of Darnassus. I have no excuse about Xinelle the Lovefool. It doesn’t fit anything except that I was bound and determined to have something different. The only title that I was every really jealous of anyone having was Starcaller. It’s just pretty and it sounds epic, Charly the Starcaller. See!? It just sounds nice.

And I just went back and looked at my characters. I lied about my mage. It’s Melinara, Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Hmm, you know, I don’t think that I like that. I may change it. I don’t know.

Again, going back to gear… Blizzard decided that they wanted to streamline the gear. Hunters and Shaman, with the exception of the stat Expertise, could use the same gear. Spirit, a stat used to regain mana to cast spells with, was changed so that all three caster classes could use it. Don’t ask me about the changes to the plate armor and the other leather armor. I don’t know. I don’t play those classes so I couldn’t really tell you. I am a caster, I shoot arrows or I play Super Action Whack-A-Mole. That’s it.

Actually, that change might be from Burning Crusade. I don’t remember. I do remember that there was a lot of whining, or QQing, about the change. “That means other people can roll on my gear!” Items used to have +Healing Spellpower. They stopped doing that.

Heirlooms! Heirlooms were added, that’s another change.

Heirlooms are pieces of gear that do not bind to a character when they are used. Instead they bind to the player’s account and as you increase in levels, the stats increase. Two of the pieces also provide a ten percent bonus to exp, so that’s an additional twenty percent that you are getting when you turn in a quest or kill a monster. It saves out on replacing gear every few levels and you get pieces, like trinkets, that are normally found at higher levels. They’re kind of awesome and I wish that you could transfer them across servers but they are still awesome.

People complained about these two. Sometimes it seems that if anything is made easier, questing or getting mounts, people bitch that the casuals are being catered too.
Bitch, please.

Casuals, those people who can only devote a few hours each week or they’re just busy. Those people who may only play once or twice a week. Those people who have other things to do, other hobbies, or whatever. I’m a casual player, what of it? You could only buy them if you had a level eighty already. You could buy them with badges and later with, shit, a certain kind of badge that you got doing a certain kind of daily quests. So you had to go through the grind to get them. It just made it easier for those of us to get to level eighty, that’s all.

Another change, there was no more brightly-colored gear. No. Everything in Wrath of the Lich King, except for Shaman Level 9 armor, was ugly as sin. Everything was the color of dirt and I do mean everything. I like the shiny. I don't like dull and brown.
I hope that I really didn't just lose two of my good friends. I think I did.
The Wrath of the Lich King expansion brought with it a lot of changes.

There was a boat from Auberdine to Stormwind. If you don’t play WoW, you might not see how it’s a big deal. Prior to that boat, if you played two out of the five available Alliance races, if you wanted to make it to Stormwind you had to take the boat from Auberdine to Menethill Harbor. From there it was a run through the Wetlands to Loch Modan to Khaz Modan then a ride in a tram and you were finally in Stormwind. It’s overkill to compare it to the Bataan Death March but it was a very long and full of death. I did it twice. I died often both times. It built character!
Let me tell you about another run to death. That’s the run out of Dustwallow Marsh to Gadgetzan in Tanaris at level 35 before mounts were available. Why did I run there? My mage was an alchemist and she needed the recipe for the alchemist stone. That was the only place to get it. The run out of Dustwallow was the worst. All of the monsters were higher than me. They chased me. The run through the Barrens was long with a jump at the end to avoid the Horde guards that guarded the only elevator into the next zone. A Thousand Needles wasn’t terribly bad, at least when you came to the Shimmering Flats you could see the finish line.

I’m not mad at the people who don’t have to experience these death runs. I’m slightly annoyed that I had to but I’m not going to look down on a newbie because they to the game after the fact. That’s dumb.

Glyphs were added which allowed you to customize certain spells. For example, instead of polymorphing someone or something into a sheep (think of Mad-Eye Moody morphing Draco Malfoy into a ferret) you could now make it a penguin or a cat or something else. I liked the penguin. It was cute.

Mounts were nerfed, twice. Instead of spending ninety-gold at Level 40 for a mount, the level was dropped to 30 and the cost reduced. It was further nerfed when the level requirement was dropped to twenty and the price again reduced. Epic land mounts were now available at Level 40.
People ranted and raved about the mount changes. Some people felt that the game was catering to the more casual player. Some acted as if it broke the damn game. It did not. All it did was decrease travel time and made it slightly easier to level with. Have you seen Desolace and Stranglethorn Vale? Those zones were huge and benefited greatly with the mount change.

This was the first time that I saw how people reacted to the more casual player. These were the players who ran the occasional dungeon, did their dailies, quested but didn’t spend enough time really to be a hardcore raider. I always thought myself as a more casual player. I raided twice a week but never considered myself hardcore.

The impression that I was left with was that if you make one aspect of the game easier then it diminishes the rest which is a load of shit. Getting a mount at Level 20 is not going to lessen your raid achievements.

Which brings me to getting gear…

The hardcore raiders and even the regular raiders always had access to the best gear. They got the gear with the best numbers and the most amount of badges. If you ran heroics you got the lesser kind of badges to buy gear with. It wasn’t bad gear but it wasn’t the very best. Blizzard would release a patch and now the badges you got in Heroics were the same badges the raiders used to get. Raids got a whole new kind of badge for better, shinier gear.

People who raided could also achieve titles if you unlocked certain achievements.

Some people didn’t see it like that. They saw it that the casual player was being catered to in favor of the more hardcore person. Blizzard was, a little bit, doing this. And so what? Who did it hurt? Egos? Why? Because some casual player could get geared up and maybe, run a raid if they had the time? Big damn deal. Get over yourself.

Wacom Writing Tablet

I have one. It's anywhere from three to four years old. I know I bought it at the tail end of 2007. I have taken it out of the box but I've only ever used it once. I couldn't get the hang of it and since then it's been sitting, in the box, in my closet.

I could probably sell it but I don't know. I don't use eBay but my grandfather does.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

World of Toddlercraft

In one of my guilds, the GM's six-year old daughter plays. Normally, really bad spelling1 would annoy me but it's just too damn cute.

"Im goyn to loch modok."

It's cute. Bless her.

Whereas I'm trying to get my nephew to learn how to click the mouse and click the keyboard. He likes to kill dinosaurs. I can get him to click on one and hit a number key to fire a spell. That he will do. However, Grant gets upset with me if I try to kill jungle cats and another animals.

Me: Grant, do you want to kill that panther?
Grant: Nooooooooooooo. D:

Hey, look. It's better than watching videos on YouTube about backhoe diggers and construction equipment.

1. I no my own spelling is not gud. =\
For a while, I stopped leveling my mage. It was just unpleasant. I’m ashamed to admit this but I didn’t learn how to AOE grind until she was Level 80. I feel dumb about it. You wouldn’t think that Frost Barrier plus Ice Lance, Ice Lance, Ice Lance, plus Frost Nova, and then finishing them off with Blizzard would be hard to figure out. Well, it was.

With the nerf to the amount of experience needed to hit level 70, I breezed along through the Burning Crusade content. I don’t remember leveling much in Northrend (the 68+ content). I don’t have any horror stories. I just did it.

I started stockpiling gear for her. There were a lot of Level 80 pieces, both Rare and Epic. I wouldn’t say that it was easy to get. Some of the pieces were made from Tailoring. Other pieces were from Reputation Vendors. With gold and with time, they were manageable. I had several pieces ready.

When I hit Level 80 on my mage, I was sufficiently geared enough to start on Heroics. Being a mage, it made it somewhat easier. This was still in the days when the LFG queue consisted of trolling Trade and General chat. Reflecting on it now, I don’t know if it was slower or faster than the way it is now. You still had to find a tank and someone to heal but I really don’t know if it was quicker or slower.

I managed to find a good guild for my Mage, Ashes to Ashes. I liked this guild. At the time no one used the word gay and retarded as an insult. It was a mostly mature group. I had no problems with anyone in this guild. That is until they let one douchebag in who thought it was okay to talk about how he was going to get head, how he was going to make his girlfriend give him head, and how head was the best thing ever. It’s mostly a story for another day but it’s a clear example of how one bad seed can ruin an entire guild.

When Trial of the Crusader was released, I spent a great many nights tanking the floor. I wouldn’t let it rise up and defeat my comrades! In other words, I died, a lot. I tried avoiding the fire. I ran away from the beasts. But it just seemed like I always got one-shoted at half-health and died. I was very good at holding down the floor. Eventually, I had to give up tanking the floor. I was not sad.
I told myself that I wasn’t going to rush out and by the expansion as soon as it was released. I thought I would just farm a few dailies and earn the max amount of money before finally buying it. That thought process didn’t last very long. I had the expansion two days or maybe it was only one, after it was released. I lie to myself, horribly, at times.

So, with Wrath of the Lich King, I leveled my Shaman in the Enhancement spec. For those that don’t know, Enhancement is the melee DPS spec. It’s basically Super-Action-Whack-A-Mole. It’s fun. Jewelcrafting was easier to level as the first part was just cutting gems, then making a few pieces, and then finally making Icy Prisms until I was at max level. Jewelcrafting provided its own daily quest which you could use the token it gave you to buy a Dragon’s Eye. These gems were used to make Epics and to make uber-epic gems for Jewelcrafters themselves. They were great at providing cash. I could sell three of them for one-thousand gold pieces. It financed epic flying for two of my characters, my Shaman and my Mage. That was great. I did this until the market for them was saturated. There wasn’t much point in selling them when they would go for less than one-hundred and fifty gold.

My Shaman was the first character that I got to Level 80. I don’t feel that I was an especially fast at leveling. I dawdled a lot, procrastinated, and played on a few alts. Eventually, I got there. I don’t remember jumping right into heroics. I needed gear first and that, for an Enhancement Shaman, was a royal pain. It was hard. There were craftables and Reputation-vendor items. I made an effort because I knew that I couldn’t just waltz in, wearing mostly greens, and be ready to roll.

This was before the days of the LFG queue. If you wanted to run a Heroic or a Dungeon you had to advertise yourself in either General or Trade chat. Loads of people would take a Resto Shaman but not everyone wanted an Enhancement one. I don’t believe it was a numbers issue with the actual damage. I think a lot of it was left over from Burning Crusade where Shamans didn’t have a crowd-control measure.

When I did get enough gear I somehow got roped into healing 25man Naxxramas. I don’t like healing as a Shaman but I wanted to go. To raid, I had to go in a healing role. That’s just the way it was. Sometimes I got gear for both roles, sometimes I didn’t get crap. Again, that was just the way of it.

Fights that require an extreme amount of coordination, I do not do well in. I could never, ever do the Safety Dance. I was always slow to switch sides or I was too fast. I always told the people I was going with that I was going to die on this encounter. I tried, I really did. Then there was Instructor Razuvious. The wipes, man, the wipes, they were awful.

When Ulduar was released, my guild was still hitting Naxx. I tried it a few times, usually as Resto. Flame Leviathan was my favorite fight ever. I really loved riding around in the motorcycle, putting down oil and then turbo-boosting away. I would do Ulduar just for that fight which I think puts me in the minority.

I then sort of stopped raiding with my Shaman. I couldn’t really raid as melee DPS because my computer couldn’t handle it. There were a lot of effects at close-range which caused me to lag. I didn’t want to heal. So, I set her aside, and focused on my mage.
I was going to write an entry about being ignored but whatever.
I have been playing World of Warcraft for roughly four years now. I started before patch 2.1 of Burning Crusade dropped. I remember it because it was when Voice Chat was introduced as an alternative to Ventrillo (I suppose that was the excuse anyway). I was slow to level and took a few months break every now and then during Burning Crusade. I didn’t get my first Level 70 until the very end of that expansion, a few months before Wrath of the Lich King dropped.

I remember the first time I got to run Karazhan, I’ll admit that I was practically carried in this run because an end-game raiding guild had it on farm and they were short a DPS. I paid attention. I didn’t move during Flame Wreath and at the time, I had to take my hands off of the keyboard to make sure that I didn’t move because I was scared. I got my first piece of tier then, gloves to be exact. I went a few times with my guild, as heals. Despite leveling my Shaman as Resto until about Level Fifty-Five or so, I didn’t really like to heal instances. The only reason I leveled as Resto was because in my very first dungeon run I had a bad Healer. I decided that, by God I’d be a good Healer so I wouldn’t have to go through countless wipes again.

And let me tell you something about leveling the profession Jewelcrafting. It was a giant pain in the butt. I remember when some of the rubies and sapphires sold for more than twenty-five gold a piece at times. It was, I was told, easier to make money in Burning Crusade than it used to be, but I always had a hard time with my gold. If it hadn’t have been given to me, it would have taken me a while to get my first mount at Level 40 because it cost ninety gold. The next mount after that cost five-hundred gold pieces, and oh man, was that a lot of money for me. I did finally get my Jewelcrafting maxed out. This experience helped me with my future crafting professions.

As a little aside, I like to max out my professions as soon as possible. I just do. I have been leveling a little gnome priest and she’s sitting at 322 Cooking right now. She’s hit Level 35 and as soon as I can, I’ll be leveling First-Aid and Inscription. I just like to be maxed which makes me slightly annoyed with professions, in general, in Cataclysm but I’ll get to that later.

But I digress…

The last couple of months of the Burning Crusade expansion I spent doing daily quests. I ran a few Heroics, a few more dungeons, and raided a few times. I had the first flying mount, you know, back when the flight speed was the same in air as the epic ground mount was on ground. It increased speed by sixty-percent.

The slow flying mount was okay. It was annoying but it was okay, really. The expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, was about to be released.

A replacement for WoW? I don't know.

Just skip ahead to 2:30, that's all you need to see.

Regarding Caprica..




Regarding Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

"If you'll look right here you'll see that I'm universally recognized as a mature and responsible adult. Oh. It shorted out. I finally told a lie to big."


Who else needed tissues?


It was going okay until my mother's brother decided to chime in. I mean, I wanted to slap my head into my desk but it was nothing compared to when that jerk decided to speak.Collapse )

Kevin: Charly, Let me ask you something, why are you so angry with yourself and the rest of the world? Have you been so neglected and abused all your life that you are seething with anger? I do know that all your family ‘” that I am a part of” ha...ve only shown love and support to you all your life. Most of all Gram and Pop. I also know your mom and Tracy have always taken great care of you. So please tell me without ripping my head off where all this anger comes from .

Charlie. See that is exactly what I’m talking about, all you had to say was “’ uncle Kevin you spelled my name wrong’’ and I would have said sorry. But you once again show you are not capable of that type of communication. I was agreeing with you and you could not even comment on that, all you see is the opportunity to rip on someone, how sad. And I’m sorry for misspelling your name CHARLY. See how easy it is to be nice and it did not hurt me at all. Nice is good and people will always treat you like you treat them and when they don't...... be nice anyway. Love ya.l

I swear he's baiting me into calling him a douchebag.Collapse )

One of these days...

I'm going to do it on a day when my grandparents aren't home but one of these days, right before my sister has to go to work, I'm just going to leave and let her struggle with finding someone to watch Grant. It would serve her right.

I can't pay my bills on this. I'm down from fifty dollars a week to ten dollars a day and apparently she feels that she doesn't have to pay me for the weekends. This week she paid me fifty and it should have been eighty according to her new rules.

I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. She knows she can't afford a proper daycare and she knows that I can't afford to do anything else but accept it.

Edit: I was wrong. It wasn't fifty. It was thirty.

You wanna call me pissy? Fine. However...

The next time someone tells me that I need to 'chill' and then calls me pissy, when I point out that it's none of your business, I am going to implant my foot so far up their butt that they'll be able to taste the dirt on my sneakers.
Leave it to my mother's cunt of a fucking douchebag husband to ruin my amusement at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.


Edit: I was going to take my nephew to Boo at the Zoo since my mother and the aforementioned cunt are going to a Halloween party. No. I have to cancel my plans because Nikki and Grant's brother (it's complicated) is coming over to go to a community event at the park next door. She doesn't want to go to Boo at the Zoo. Fine. Why should I have to cancel my plans because you clearly like defending and sticking up for her more than you ever did for us.


Do I really look that old?

My sister and I took my nephew to get his hair cut. I had to go because she cannot handle him while she herself gets her hair cut. That's fine. I had to go wash my grandparent's Saturn and put a little bit of gas in it since I have been using it anyway.

We go in there and I go with Grant to tell the lady what to do while my sister goes to get her hair cut. The guy who is about to cut my sister's hair turns around while Grant is climbing into his seat. He says to him, "Is that grandma?"

Really? Do I really look that damn old?

I wish I would have cussed him out. I was, am, still so very upset.


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