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Thoughts on WoW - An Aside - The Happiness Hotel or Misery Loves Company

"I'm just not having fun in this game."

Have you tried PVP? Have you tried leveling a completely new class through the newly revamped zones? Have you tried this, that, and the other thing?

Yes, yes I have.

Why do so many people think that, when someone mentions that they aren't having much fun with an expansion, that the correct response to is to give them ideas so that they could be having fun?

For the record, I don't mean myself in this post. I'm having fun with certain aspects of the game, not all but a few. I am referring to the many posts in dear_gnome , wow_ladies , or even worldofwarcraft . Many people chime in with alternatives but I'm left wondering if that's what the OP wants, alternatives. I know that I don't. Misery loves company and a bit of commiseration.

Some people tend to imply that the original posters just aren't trying hard enough to have fun. I think they are trying. I wonder if these people pester others this much IRL if they don't have fun?

"Did you like the water park?"
"No, not really."
"Just okay? Did you try the wave pool? Did you try the new slide? Did you..."
"Did you try the lazy river? Did you try the play area?"
So, in conclusion, if you aren't going to ask the OP why they aren't having fun (because bemoaning their experience can be a bit cathartic), post a corn!kitty or another cute macro, spam a hug emote, or something similar then maybe you just shouldn't type anything.
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