Oh, simple thing, where have you gone? (simply_blah) wrote,
Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?

Cupcakes on the brain!

I watch too much Cupcake Wars. As evident when I'm talking to Miche, grayarcadian , about an application I'm working on for a game in which my character owns a cupcake boutique called The CupKatery. It's a Marvel-based character and somehow I think "Oh, superhero cupcakes!"

The Captain America - A vanilla cupcake with a blueberry glaze, strawberry buttercream and a little fondant flag.

The Wasp - A banana yellow cupcake with crushed chocolate sprinkles on top that's topped with a cream cheese frosting and more chocolate sprinkles.

The Emma Frost - (grayarcadian's idea) - The Emma is a cool mint flavor with white icing and little clear sugar crystals, maybe with a little mint leaf.

The Scarlet Witch - A red velvet cupcake with a chocolate ganache glaze, cream cheese frosting, and red crystalized sprinkles.

Yeah. Now I really, really want some gourmet cupcakes.
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