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Why is it... (Charly bemoans her lack of sleep.)

Why is that at 4p.m. most days, if I wanted to, I could fall right to sleep to take a nap but when I want to go to bed early, like at midnight, I can't fall asleep? No, I'm left lying there tossing and turning. Worse yet, I itch.

What the heck is up with the itching? I bathe. I moisturize. My sheets are clean. It's really annoying. The places that I itch I'm either laying on or are hard to reach.

For several months I've been having problems going to sleep. If I want to sleep through the night or go to bed at a decent time and get a few hours of solid sleep in, I have to take something such as nyquil, benedryl, or a sleeping pill. And then those start not to work. And then I am left getting an hour or so before waking up because either my mind won't shut itself off, I have to have one of one to four bio breaks, or I'm itchy again.

Normally, I fall asleep between the hours of three to five in the morning and then I want to sleep until noon. It's a good thing that I have no gas money to go out and physically look for a job (I am still hitting the web pretty hard). Elsewise it looks kinda bad when you stroll in asking for an application at 2p.m. or so I'm told (usually by people who already have a job).

I wanted to go sleep last night. My sister worked the third-shift and with Grant going to bed at 6p.m. that meant my butt was going to get up with him at 5a.m. I wanted to go to bed early but I wasn't tired. Then when I tried to go to bed at close to 2a.m. I couldn't sleep. Then Grant cried out in the night twice. Then he was up for the day.

I think last night I may have gotten in an hours worth of sleep.

Right now, I feel tired. It's not too bad but I'm going to want a nap soon, I can feel it. I could avoid one so that I could sleep tonight but I don't think it would help anything.

I'm not on any medication even though I wish I was. I limit my caffeine intake (because LOL I don't want to be up at night).
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