Oh, simple thing, where have you gone? (simply_blah) wrote,
Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?

I don't want to sound too alarmist but...

What would/should you do should you suddenly got kicked out of your house and had no money or friends to stay with?
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I would try to bargain to be allowed back in to at least pack a bag and check the internet for the nearest homeless shelter, women's shelter or any other organisation that could help. If I couldn't get the latter, try to go to the nearest library to check instead.

Other than clothes, I would try to take any important papers that could hinder life in any way later. Because people can get spiteful.

And if you can't get internet access at all, go to the local police station and ask their desk staff for advice on where to go. Don't leave out the part where your step-father has been emotionally and physically abusive.

If you are allowed back in the house for a bag and you have anything you can pawn -small electrical goods, old gold jewellery, etc- do it. You might need the cash at some point for travel fares or food.

I really hope things work out.
He's not been physically abusive.
I may be confusing you with someone else, but I remember you saying that he once threw something at you for not doing x task?
littlemiss_aj is absolutely right on everything. The public library can help you find the nearest women's shelter, which I think is what you need right now. You've been emotionally abused (I hadn't heard about the physical abuse, but if that's been happening too, you need out immediately), and then kicked out of your house. That's what those shelters are there for.
I mean I haven't been physically abused.