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2010 can pick up its pink slip any time that it wants to.

This is slightly TMI

I am very afraid that I may have colon cancer.

I may be a hypochondriac but what I just went through was pretty intense. It may have been the result of taking a few too many acidophilous and digestive aids (which just made everything hard) in order to stave off diarrhea or it may be something more benign. But given what I go through when I have a bowel movement and given how much blood there was when I cleaned myself up, I'm scared.

I should go to the ER but I'm terrified. I probably won't go unless something just takes me. I'm scared and I'm stubborn. Because if it is something serious I can't afford to treat it.

I has both a sad and a WTF.

My WoW account was just hacked and given a three-hour ban for spamming trade chat.

Man, and I've been so careful too.

The last time I logged on was either Friday or Saturday afternoon to see what the weekend/holiday battleground was. D: D: D:

The Pandorica Opens...

Spoilers ahoy.Collapse )

This site is the best thing ever for viewing Doctor Who eps.


The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart just mentioned fanfiction and slash.


Quote of the day!

From the post here, "So in other words, the Bible is to Christianity what Civil War was to Marvel." - box_in_a_box



I am so uncomfortable right now. It feels like my uterus is full of expanding air and it hurts.


Last month, I cramped for two and a half days before starting my period.

Since early Friday afternoon I have been cramping. And I wish I could say that I was only uncomfortable.

FML again.

I just had it confirmed that my sister has been lying for the past month and a half about having a job.




Is LJ being wonky for anyone else?

Edit: N/m. I just needed to restart Firefox.

The Eleventh Hour - Thoughts and Spoilers

Spoilers under the cut!Collapse )

I like the music.

I'm not sure how I feel about Eleven. I need to watch it again.


I did go out job hunting Friday but after seeing no new hiring signs at the mall and only a couple in two different shopping centers, I scrapped it. I don't like to turn in the actual apps on a Friday anyway. I saw How to Train your Dragon.

OMG! It is easily the most adorable movie that I have seen since Wall-E. Toothless is unbelievably cute. I want a night fury.

It was not a hysterically funny movie like Kung Fu Panda or the first Shrek movie. It did have a few laugh-out-loud moments but not a lot (I thought). I did what few Dreamworks animated movies do which is it told a really good story. And while it is a kid's movie, it doesn't have the feeling of a kid's movie. It's not overly cutesy or too sentimental. It's just good.

The animation was good especially during the flight scenes. I wish I could have afforded to see it in 3D. I've heard that it's worth it but 3D glasses usually give me a headache.

I wish Craig Ferguson had more lines but the Scottish Vikings amused me. :D

Lastly, the score was incredible. My favorite scenes in movies are usually when the scene and music sync up brilliantly like Define Dancing from Wall-E or when the Beacons of Gondor were lit. It was epicy epicness when they were flying.

In short, I liked this movie.


People, please. Please stop suggesting, and I know that you're one-hundred percent serious about it, that John Barrowman would be perfect to play Captain America. Let me clue you in on something, he would not be.
In trying to keep myself busy at night, I've been attempting to create some wall art for my room. My walls are bare.

I don't know. I just don't know.


So Grant has this rash. At first we thought it might be from these water-coloring tablets because that's when it sprung up. Well, we've stopped and have been giving him baths using aveeno oatmeal packets. We've been doing that for five days now and it's not getting better.

I shouldn't go to WebMD because right now I'm thinking that it might be psoriasis or eczema. >__<

I'm scared.


I can't do anything right.

I was going to take Grant to Dollywood to see the Christmas lights. He could ride the cars, see the train and for one last time since it's so warm. I have a tank of gas.

I can't find my season pass. I don't have $15 for a new one or an extra $8 dollars to pay for parking.

It's so stupid but I feel so broken now.


On Wednesday, I started working at my sister's hotel. It's not the best job in the world. It's only two to three days per week, the pay is minimum and my first check will be delayed three weeks, and the job may only last until January. But it's a job.

This morning my sister just texted me that the owner/manager had put up a 'Hiring Now' sign.

I haven't been able to reach anyone.

Honestly? If I lose this job I'm really not going to see a point in continuing to go on. I really am not.

I know I've been withdrawn but...

The first three minutes of Castle were seriously the most epic thing that I've seen in a long time.

He was a space cowboy guys.


I think I just talked Kassy into cosplaying Donna with me.


Opinions please.

Ya'll know now I get to go to Dragon*Con. I'm going to be cosplaying Rhiannon Davies but I need help. I do not know which shirt to wear. I'll be borrowing a wig and I have a pair of light jeans as well as jewelry.

This was x-posted to dw_cosplay.

If you thought my two wonky eyes were bad...Collapse )
It's not been a secret to most people that I've been dealing with a lot of stuff. What that is doesn't need to be gotten into right now but suffice it to say, I was miserable. I was in a dark place and the outlook, for me, didn't look good.

I got a letter in the mail from Crystal. I thought it was going to be a belated birthday card and maybe a letter since it was in a big envelope. It was so much more than a birthday card. I always make a face when people type that they are 'shaking and crying' but that's what I did.

I get to go to Dragon*Con because some people out there are really nice, epically nice.

I don't have the words to properly thank everyone involved.

Going to Dragon*Con doesn't fix things but it helps in knowing that people like me enough to do this for me. It also helped me when I went out looking for jobs this past week and the week prior. I would reread the letters and it would help me feel optimistic. I needed that.

Thank you guys.


I have no way to explain this one...

I had a dream last night...

Someone dies Arthas the Lich King appears and is all 'Mwahahahahaha!' I shall make her into a Death Knight and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Que John Wayne, followed by the red and blue Daleks. John Wayen says "I don't think so Pilgrim."

And that's when Human!Ten and Rose show up followed by other characters that I can't quite remember.



Is anyone else not receiving replies to comments and/or posts?

Cheap food overload.

I am really, really sick of eating nothing but raman noodles and scrambled eggs this week and most of last week. At this point I'm just gonna go without tonight and possibly in the morning because the thought of eating anymore cheap food is making me ill.

I want fuji apples with a little bit of cream cheese. I want some bell peppers. Mmm, cooked celery.

Yeah. I'm sick.

I was fine this morning. I was upset about having to fork out cash that I don't really have to renew my license but I wasn't sick. After I get my license, I come home and I haven't eaten anything (which is a bad habit of mine to go for long periods without eating and then binge) so I have a bowl of cereal.

After that my stomach starts to feel gross but I ignore it and take Grant down to my grandparents. I get halfway there and I get a coughing fit. It's after that that my head starts to hurt as does every other part of me. I lay down at Gram's and take a light nap but that doesn't make me feel better. I run a fever. I feel dizzy.

I took a lukewarm shower and I feel a bit better now.

Ugh. I feel so gross and I'm having a raging hot flash at the moment.


Jun. 29th, 2009

My birthday is today. I turned thirty years old. I can't say that I'm happy. I don't have anything to show for thirty years of life.

I don't have a job. I don't have a degree. I don't have any friends. I don't have anything meaningful in my life. I'm a big waste.

To make matters worse, I tried to renew my license this morning. I found out that for the past two and a half years I have been driving on a suspended license for a speeding ticket that I got in March of 2006. I paid the ticket. I paid what I could at the time because I was working a retail job making $6.30 an hour. I paid what I could, unfortunately for me, their records are showing that I paid it off in May 2007. I know that I did not wait that long. I paid it off at the first part of February when I got my tax refund. I don't have any way to prove that, however. I closed the bank account that the checks were written from and SunTrust said that they cannot do any kind of research.

That's $140 to get it reinstated plus the fee to get a brand new license and I have no idea where I'm going to come up with that kind of cash right now.

So I really don't want anymore birthdays like this. I'm not sure if I want another birthday period.

green is the new pink

Grant is going to see yet another heart specialist tomorrow. There may be a whole in his heart and they want to get a better look. I'm not sure what that means or if that's just the murmor. I was just told today.

He's active. He's gaining weight. He's pretty much healthy. If there ws something really wrong with him he wouldn't be so active would he be? Would he?

I'm so tired. I'm exhausted really. I'm watching Grant every single day from 7 in the morning until he goes to bed practically. My sister is on the morning shift. My mother is working until five. That leaves me to take care of him, do the chores around the house, cook, clean, etc. My sister doesn't do anything.

I'm just really, really tired.

I also have to go to Pellissippi tomorrow and find out what's going on. I put off registration at the end of Spring term because I just did. I don't ahve any excuses. Now I can't register and I'm getting notification that I'm to start repaying my student loans in September. *twitch*

By the way, I failed all but two classes.

I'm a fucking mess and I'm tired off it all.

And I feel like an ass even saying that because I've been following the elections and then protests in Iran. It's so awful and even saying that it's awful doesn't accurately describe what's going on over there. And yeah, I changed my layout to green but I feel like an ass even doing that because it's just an LJ.

If you haven't checked it out, please see this post. It's the second live post about Iran. The last one had thirty-one pages.

I'm not asking you to care, I'm just asking that you know.

I'm here.

I'm currently engrossing in what's going on in Iran at the current moment.

If you aren't a member already, please go to ontd_p.


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